Around the Blogosphere: Winter Round Up

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these (and this will be my last time) but I’ve had more time lately to read some of your amazing blog posts. I really appreciate the thought, the details, and the effort all of you put into creating bookish content. I adore the book blogging community for all it’s positivity, support, and *ahem* lack of drama. I feel like it takes a certain type of vulnerability to share your books and your life that’s similar to a diary. I can really connect with your words and feel something. I didn’t mean to get all sappy on you all. I just want to give thanks to how hard you all work, especially those of you who managed to post any content at all in the past couple of years ❤

Stephanie @ Adventures of a Bibliophile discusses 10 Non Fiction Books for Fiction Readers and My 10 Most Disappointing reads of 2021

Simone @ Simone and Her Books reviews A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske. She also wrote her Top 20 Favorite Books of 2021 and there’s so many I can’t wait to read myself this year!

Fadwa @ Word Woonders rounded up their 22 Most Anticipated Speculative Fiction Releases. This is my favorite genre to read from so I’m looking forward to these!

I had a lot of reading Laura @ The Book Corps Things That Got Me Through 2021 and now I’m looking forward to checking out some new podcasts. 

Sabrina @ Wordy and Whimsical posts about the Small Things That Annoy Me in Books as well as 20 of The Most Beautiful Covers of 2021

Sofi @ A Book A Thought shares her 5 Years Blogiversary: The Do’s and Dont’s of Being a Book Blogger

Mary discusses How My Writing Has Changed in the Last Year, which I especially enjoyed reading because tbh, same. She also talks about her feelings on Cliffhangers and Why I Love Slow Books. I also have to include her 2022 Goals because these all look so fun and I need some ideas. 

Caro @ Book Chesire Cat wrote herself a Winter Bucket List and honestly, I’m so inspired. We still have 2.5 months left before winter is over so it’s not too late!

Ashley @ The Infinity Library shares Books on My TBR: 500+ Page Books. I’ve been trying to read more books this long for the past two years so this is definitely inspiring.

Hamad @ The Book Prescription wrote a thought-provoking review on Hunger: A Memoir. 

CW @ The Quiet Pond wrote A Love Letter to All the Books I Loved This Year. Honestly, I’m amazed. 

I also read an article titles I Swapped My Phone Screen Time With Reading Books For A Week because I need the inspiration.

Meg @ Planner Me Up writes about her Personal Goal Ideas For 2022

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